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Eyelash Extensions

Individually applied eyelash  extensions shed one at a time with your own natural lashes during their own shedding cycle.  Most people have a 6-8 week cycle where you completely lose and regrow all of your lashes (eyebrows too)!  Extensions that do not clump or stick is so important so that the individual growth doesn't pull on the neighbor eyelash.  Adhesive that is mild enough so your eyes don't burn yet strong enough to last 8 weeks is necessary.  Lightweight extensions also round out the perfect extension experience for you.

Dramatic Results

I can deliver very dramtic results.  I can also use very thin extensions that are just longer than your own natural eyelashes for a natural look so no one will even know you're wearing extensions.  Mink are the most natural but I have thin silk as well.

Mink Extensions are real fur and are so natural.  They are also used in paramedical eyelashing as seen above.  This client as a teenager pulled her eyelashes out with a crimping curler.  They never grew back completely.  She has a large bald spot with only tiny hairs growing in it.  She was getting married and didn't want to wear falsies for fear they would fall off if she cried.  She also wanted some added flare.

Using the mink fur I was able to stack extensions on the baby eyelashes as well as stack them on either side of the bald spot.  You would never know she had a bald spot after the mink eyelash extensions are on.  I would not be able to do this with regular silk extensions because they would have been too heavy.  They would twist, bend and worst case senario:  damage the natural eyelash hair follicle.